Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fill in Part April 25

1. Apparently there's some sort of perfect BMI out okay.

2. Today, tomorrow and Sunday are going to be sunny days.

3. 2009 has been full of changes so far.

4. College was college that was it.

5. For too long I've been afraid to be the skinny me.

6. I am not obsessed with chocolate; I am not!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to chillin with the fam, tomorrow my plans include a fun run/walk with the girls and a friend (my idea) and Sunday, I want to enjoy life with the family but will probably be reduced to watching Nascar and taking a nap!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday, Wednesday

I could do a wordless Wednesday post, but I have stuff to say, so...I'll still give a picture at the end. Still waiting for DaddyA to get the insurance situation for LittleA taken care of. We have until Monday to get it to the Tricare office in order for her to be covered as of the first of next month. If it is after Monday, then it won't go into effect until June! So you can see that I have that just right in the front of my brain all the time. When I bring up the subject with DaddyA I think he thinks I am attacking him, when in fact, I am simply wanting to know what is going on with the situation on the ship. Somewhere deep down inside, I think DaddyA blames himself for where we are with the situation. I think he thinks he should have gotten on the ball earlier than he did. I agree, but I also know that he beats himself up about it every time I want to know the status of the situation so I try to let him know that I don't blame him. I don't like this. I don't have any control and it drives me bonkers!!

The girls and I haven't done anything today...I don't even think I have done housework. Wait! That's not true. I cleaned the toilet, bathroom sink and the tub, but that's not much in my opinion. It's all dreary and overcast here, so I have no motivation to do anything. I do want to make some chicken soup for dinner tonight, but at the same time we could have breakfast for dinner and that would be good too. PrincessA says breakfast, so I'll start that in about an hour so we can eat early. Got the girls down at about 830 last night which was nice. Granted LittleA didn't stay down for long, but I did have them both asleep at that time. PrincessA has been waking after being asleep for 30 minutes or so for the past 2 days. I talked to her about it this morning and she doesn't remember what she did when she was awake. (She just rocked with Daddy, but she says she doesn't remember.) Kind of makes me nervous since when she does wake she sounds like she's really scared and she doesn't really focus so I am pretty sure that she's sleepwalking. I mean, her eyes are open, but there's nobody awake. We'll see if she does it again tonight. If so I might mention it to the doctor we are going to see at the end of the month for her Kindergarten physical.

That's all I got. So here is my wordless part of today's post:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was good. DaddyA was off on Friday which really messed with my brain that evening because I kept reminding myself that "Today is Friday." Didn't take a picture of the day on Friday because I was concerned with our poopy issue. I guess I will use the prescription stuff as my daily picture. Saturday was very overcast and had to force myself to take PrincessA to the mall and buy some white tights for church. The ones she had were too small. Saturday night we made Easter Tomb cookies and put them in the oven. Didn't know how they would turn out but thought the idea was cool enough to try.

Easter morning I awoke early in hopes we could arrive at church early and take pictures of the girls with the lillies at the front of the sanctuary. I worked on the eggs for dinner and got everyone dressed and still we were late to the service. Shesh! I can't win for trying. After church was over we did take the girls back to the sanctuary and took pictures quickly so we could come home.



The Girls

Now we have another week with DaddyA before it'll be just us girls for a while.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I need some Skills!

When I look at other people's pictures online I am amazed by their photography skills! I want that. I want skills. Funny thing is I took a class in college called Photography 101. It was an intro class. I don't remember anything except the fact that we had to turn in a picture a week which meant that I went through a roll of film a week (this was pre-digital camera in my life) and most of it was stupid stuff trying to accomplish the assignment. I don't remember anything that I was "supposed" to learn in that class. I wish. Oh how I wish that I had learned something then so I can use it to capture my girls now. I don't remember if there was a book for that class, but I am pretty sure that there wasn't. I am really debating talking to my friend here who knows how to take pictures and see if she will give me lessons. Of course I feel like she would be more receptive if I offer to pay her some moolah, but we don't really have money that I can use for my pleasure like that, not when spring is just around the corner and I know PrincessA will need some new clothes for the spring and summer. She's definitely not getting any smaller. I would like to talk more, but LittleA is calling for some dinner.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fill-In

1. Give me cake and I'll eat it!
2. Whenever works for now.
3. I wish children didn't talk and spit up as much as they do.
4. Vanessa's Puerto Rico/Miami food was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious.
5. To live in this world takes faith in the knowledge of a better one coming.
6. Other than this one, Just Jingle is the last blog I commented on, I think.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching Psych and playing on computer or with scrapbook stuff, tomorrow my plans include probably putting patches on Thomas' new uniforms and more scrapbooking and Sunday, I want to go to church, eat the baked potato-salad lunch benefitting the children and youth, watch the Nascar race...wait, fall asleep to the Nascar race would be more accurate and love on my honey.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leave Ending Soon

We are all doing well. I delivered LittleA on February 2nd, and so have been preoccupied since then. DaddyA has been off work since the external version but he will have to report back to work on Thursday morning. We've enjoyed having him around the past few weeks. I'm hoping that I don't go too crazy when it is just me and the girls all day long. I have been keeping up with Project 365. Do know that I didn't take a picture on the first, and didn't take a picture with my camera on the 12th, although I did take a pic with my cell phone that I sent to Grandma of PrincessA in her Valentine's outfit that she wore to her school party that day. If I could figure out how to upload the pic to my pictures on my camera that would be awesome...I am pretty sure that I can send it straight to my gallery at kodak from my phone....just need to figure out how. New to all the technological advances and all. LOL Going to take PrincessA to Jumping Monkey today for an hour or so. Figure she needs a special treat. (Google it in reference to Virginia Beach and you will see what it is.)

Finally finished all the thankyou cards for the girls from my baby shower. I gave most of them out on Sunday...still have 4 that haven't been given since I haven't seen those girls and don't want to spend postage when I know I can hand deliver them. Now I can start working on scrapbook pages again. What a treat! I don't know what pictures I have to work with since I know that the only pictures I bought over the weekend were for the project and not just to play with. I do have a envelope on my back table with pictures in it...wonder what they are of. Guess I'll just be suprized and work with what I have. Hope that kodak has a 10 cent sale soon so I can order pictures of my pregnancy and work on LittleA's book.

Take Care!

Friday, January 23, 2009

First Friday Fill-In

1. Oh, I am so nervous about the ordeal on Monday!
2. Life changes, big and little.
3. During the day, I usually play on the internet ALOT.
4. Breech; are you kidding me???
5. Right now I'd like to be drinking a Jack & Coke.
6. My laptop is my favorite gadget, although my new phone may surpass it once I learn how to use it.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting and watching Psych, tomorrow my plans include the baby shower the girls in my Sunday school are throwing for me and a birthday party for a 2 year old boy and Sunday, I want to go to church, rest and take Princess A over to our friends' house to spend the night!

Doctor Appointments Galore

Just came home from the doctor's appointment, well not just, I've been home for about an hour now. DaddyA was able to make my appointment, which I am very thankful for right now. All of my vital signs looked good. After looking at my belly and checking LittleA's heartbeat, my nurse practioner brought the ultrasound machine in to see how she was doing. Found out that she is in the breech postion. Sooo, what does that mean? Well it means that I've got to leave in about 10 mins to go to the hospital for an external version pre-op. (External version is where they use the u/s and their hands?? to move her into a head down postion.) The External version will be on Monday some time, which I will get before we leave the hospital today. If the External Version doesn't work then I will be having a c-section. So now I know that when I've been feeling the pressure on my hoo-hoo it's been her little feet and not her head. If it does work then I will still be on schedule and have another appointment next Friday. I'm scared, so any prayers you have I would be more than appreciative. Okay, gotta go potty before we leave.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Printer Problems, Yet Again!

So I had finally gotten to a point in my creativity that I had the audacity to think that my printer actually would PRINT!! I thought, "I just want to start actually working with my hands on this project, so I'm gonna throw caution to the wind and print my pictures right here at home. After all, that's what the contraption is for, and I've got plenty of photo paper to print on." Well, needless to say, I wasn't holding my mouth properly or my leg wasn't straight up in the air with my big toe wiggling in a counter-clockwise direction. Are you suprised? I am actually. I thought if I had given the dang machine a couple of weeks off it would just automatically fix itself and work the proper way the way that HP manufactured the sucker to do.
So I probably will have to order them online and get them shipped. I don't know if I want to order with Kodak like normal or go through Winkflash which is what my LaLa friend uses all the time and loves. Maybe that's what I should ask for for my birthday. A freakin' printer that works...or maybe just a little photo printer that I could set up right here in my scrap area that was strictly used for photos and nothing else. I mean, I know the printer we have works, I print copies of bills that I have paid at the bank to show DaddyA so he knows how much money is going out. It just refuses to print pictures when I want it to.
Speaking of my birthday. DaddyA asked last night or night before what I wanted. I just looked at him and told him LittleA out so that way he would be home. (If I actually go to my due date or just past my birthday, he's got duty that day so I wouldn't see him at all. :( ) I'm still banking on my thought of a 2/3 birthday for her. I go to the doc tomorrow so maybe she can tell me some news. I am going to ask about inducement simply because it takes 20 mins with no traffic to get to the Navy hospital, and if I go into labor at the wrong time, there will most likely be traffic in the tunnel that I have to go through to get to the hospital. Not to mention if DaddyA is at work and I have to call the ship. See I have the number to his department, except he doesn't actually work in the department that he's a part of so if I called it would take them at least 30 minutes to track him down and another 20-30 to get home to get me and then at least 20 mins to get to the hospital in good traffic. Let's add that shall we" 30+30+20= 1 hour and 20 mins. Now let's go back 4 years and 4 months to Sep 2004. DaddyA was on cruise and I woke at 4 with contractions with PrincessA. I didn't call my ride until 5. She got lost getting to my house 2 times so by the time I got to the hospital it was 6:20. PrincessA was born at 6:54. So I guess, looking at the math I should be fine...but I don't want to try a home birth or even worse a car birth. It's gonna be bad enough that DaddyA has never done this before!
Okay, so I think my ranting about my printer is over now. LOL I guess I'll go work on some cards for the ladies who are hosting my baby shower this weekend.


Project 365, The last week

Wednesday: So I am officially, 37 weeks and 1 day in this picture. If you look carefully you can see how my belly button is poking out even through the tshirt. (Yes, I think I am obsessed with my belly button. Even when I wasn't pregant, I would stick my finger inside my belly button and smell it, and then ask DaddyA to smell it, which he would refuse.) I don't know what my problem is. I need to find a support group, "Hello, I'm MammaA and I have an addiction to my belly button." LOL

Thursday: DaddyA wanted steak, so I had him cook them on his griddle while I made the potatoes, broccoli and rolls. It was a very good dinner and I think I am the only one in the house who actually ate all of their food. ( I even had seconds on rolls and broccoli.)

I had planned to make a soup on Friday, but at the usual dinner time we found out that the beans were not done. (I had put our Christmas ham that had been frozen into the crockpot and added some bean mixture.) We ended up eating Sonic and since Blockbuster is right next door we went and picked up 2 old movies so it didn't cost us that much. We finally watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. That was such a funny movie! We had to wait until PrincessA was in bed to watch it, but we really enjoyed it.

You know that IHOP has the never-ending pancake deal going on right now, right? Well DaddyA said on Wednesday of last week that he wanted to eat at IHOP on Saturday since it was the only day that he could go with his girls due to his work schedule. So we went and then afterwards we went to ToysRUs to shop for LittleA, then to WalMart for PrincessA to use a gift card she had and we bought some birthday presents for 2 little boys that have birthdays these next two weekends, and then to Target so PrincessA could use another gift card and we could buy a little bit more for LittleA. On our way home we went over a bridge (because we live near the water) and I looked at the sun coming through the clouds on it's decent for the day. This isn't the best picture, but it does give you a little idea of the beauty here in my neck of the country.

After church DaddyA usually brings in our Bibles and just puts them on our bed. His is on bottom and my new one that he gave me for Christmas is on top. I have my mother devotional book and my notebook that I take sermon notes in between the two.DaddyA had duty on MLK day, so it was just PrincessA and myself all day long. Makes for a LONG day. We had a snack of popcorn in the afternoon because the past week she can eat a meal and get up from the table. Within 10 minutes, she comes to me telling me that she wants a snack. WHAT??? Drives me crazy!Absolutely nothing on tv on Tuesday besides the Inauguration. Just an FYI for those of you who have jobs. So I spent pretty much from the time I woke up until the time NCIS came on not being able to watch tv without seeing something that was going on in D.C. I will admit that I teared up on that day. My heart went out to former President George W. Bush as he finished this part of his life. I did read online how he was greeted in TX by a crowd of 2000 or something like that and said "It's good to be home!" Another thing from the day that I found entertaining: When former President George H.W. Bush came out onto the area that all the dignitaries were sitting first thing he said was "Boy, it's cold out here." LOL. He had been in the cold downstairs when he came into the capitol, did he think going up the stairs and then outside would somehow warm up the town? Also thought it was interesting that H.W. and Barbara were both wearing the same purple scarves that they wore 1 1/2 ago when they were here in town for the commissioning. DaddyA thinks they didn't go back to TX this past week and have been visiting W. and Laura so of course they had to wear the same scarves. I don't know, just my observations of that day.Yesterday, I finally did our 2nd half of the month shopping while PrincessA was at MDO. I was able to get through my entire list at the commissary in about 1 1/2 hours. Which is good for me, of course then I had to take a potty break before I got into the checkout line and I went straight to the church to pick PrincessA up, but still I did get it all done in less than 2 hours. That's an accomplishment!

I know, you are asking if I will ever post everyday like a normal person? Probably not, especially since my brain is a fruit basket and only getting fruiter every day as my due date approaches. Did read on Ali's blog yesterday that her due date is the 14th, so I am farther along than she is. Not that it matters all that much. Just a bit of information I didn't have before but have been wondering about since she announced her pregnancy on her blog.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Catch Up

Will I ever catch up on my posts? It would mean that I actually post daily. That seems like a very difficult scenerio for my brain to wrap around. So without further ado, here are the pictures I have taken for the 365 project from the last week.
DaddyA and I were doing some last minute cleaning on Thursday the 8th before his parents came to visit for the weekend. His job was to clean the kitty litter box. He had some fun by putting the top of the box over his head and pretending he was Darth Vader. "Luke, I am your father."

Papaw and Nana came into town on Friday evening for the weekend and PrincessA wanted to show them all of her Christmas presents that she received.

We got up early, EARLY on Saturday morning to go to DaddyA's ship's commissioning, and to keep PrincessA warm DaddyA gave his raincoat. She fell asleep while we were waiting for the ceremony to begin.

DaddyA took all of us to the ship on Sunday to look around. Of course we couldn't leave the hanger bay because DaddyA was in his civilian clothes, but it was still a big deal for PrincessA and Nana & Papaw to be on the ship. This is a picture of them with the bronze statue of President Bush from when he was in the Navy running to get into his plane.

PrincessA woke up on Monday and was adament about scrapbooking. So I gave her some scrap paper and a 2 12x12 sheets of white paper. Her creation ended up being a card for her Music teacher, that she may or may not remember to give her.

I am officially 36 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. I have a freckle inside my belly button that has only been visible 2 times in my life. (When I am pregnant.) So I figured that I should document this strange little tidbit about me since it makes me special.

Now I am caught up...well I don't have a picture here for today but that's because I am planning on getting DaddyA to take a profile picture of my belly this evening when I come home from church. Hope you have enjoyed. I'll try to be better this next week and post more regularly.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Project 365

Well, I've been working on taking my pictures for the past week. It's already been a full 7 days of taking pictures, which really went by fast in my opinion. I finally sat down and uploaded the pictures off my camera onto my computer. Now I shall share.
PrincessA and I made pancakes on Jan 1st. I make a batch and the ones that we don't eat I put in the freezer so she can eat them later in the week, which makes her very happy!
Friday night we played a game that PrincessA got from Grandma for Christmas. I won, but PrincessA came in second...DaddyA was the LOSER!

Started our stocking up of things we need for LittleA, so we bought some essentials when we went grocery shopping on Jan 3rd.

DaddyA wanted to buy his cat a bed so maybe she will stop scratching on our bed. He worked on teaching her what it was for while I was at a meeting Sunday evening. I guess she got the hang of is since this is a picture that he took to show the progress.

I made Sausage and Rice Casserole on Monday. Something that was easy but that we hadn't eaten in quite a while. Let me share the recipe: 1 can cream of mushroom soup, instant rice, sausage (like Ekridge Farms, I used turkey this time,) cheese, milk. Cut sausage into bite-size pieces (I cut it into 4ths and then slice it so it's easy for PrincessA's mouth.) Mix soup with sausage, use soup can to measure 2 cans of rice, and 1 1/2 cans of milk and mix well. Sometimes I mix in cheese and sometimes don't that's a personal preference. Cook in 400 degree oven for about 30 mins, turn oven off and add cheese so it will melt while set the table. That's all. You could make it in microwave, but I don't know how long to cook it in there.

Went to the OB for my checkup since I'm 35 weeks along. Afterwards I asked my doc if I could get her picture and she said to include her nurse too, so these are the ladies that have been taking care of my baby and me for the past 6 or 7 months.
This was PrincessA's first day back at school since the holidays, so I thought I would get a good shot of her in the hallway. I was planning on getting a back shot of her but she has supersonic senses when there may be a camera taking a picture nearby.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Right Now

Saw that Lisa Bearnson did a short listing of what's going on in her life right now and thought I would do the same thing. It's not much, but just something to entertain myself and maybe you with.

Out of my window: there is darkness, coldness. But that's just a guess since my blinds are down right now.
I am wearing: an SHSU Bearkat tshirt an some woven looking yoga pants
I am hearing: PrincessA's shower running with her singing some song I'm sure she heard from Noggin, or maybe she's making it up as she goes along.
I am thinking: of how I didn't do as much today as I wished I had, about sewing a patch onto DaddyA's coat that he just came home from the uniform shop with, I should do more with my life than what I usually do, and how I am going to the OB tomorrow for my checkup
I am thankful for: my faith, my family, my cats, my friends, heaters, indoor plumbing, technology, the list could go on...
I am creating: I actually am in between projects right now...well not really as I do have Project 365 in my camera and on my scrap desk, but until I get an album for that I don't really feel like I am working on it just by taking the pictures. Hoping that I can start another 12x12 page in the next week
I am going: to Motherhood to buy a new bra or two tomorrow afternoon.
I am hoping: that I don't go into labor when DaddyA is at work or worse when the ship is away from the pier, and that we make it to the hospital before LittleA pokes her head out.
I am reading: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, and What to Expect When Expecting
Around the house: I am slowly organizing and prepping for LittleA's arrival in the next 5 weeks, and cleaning the stuff that needs to be cleaned before the in-laws show up.
One of my favorite things: is the quiet time that DaddyA and I have together after PrincessA is in bed and before we get so groggy we can't see straight, when we can just Be together.
A few plans for the rest of the week: to see my in-laws on Friday, the OB tomorrow, take PrincessA to school on Wednesday morning, to the commissioning of the ship DaddyA is stationed on on Saturday, to be cleaning the bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen sometime during the week before the in-laws show up, take my daily picture and maybe even get working on a new project.

I am looking forward to my OB appointment tomorrow. I'm hoping that my practioner will be able to tell me something about this sinus/throat thing I have had since the beginning of last month, and give me a kind of idea of when I might go into labor. (I know she's not a fortune-teller, but it would be nice.) Today has been a dreary type of day. I had the windows open around the house earlier, but the cold front blew in and so I had to close up the house. The weathermen here have been changing the forecast every time I watch to find out about Saturday, so I guess I'll just wait until Friday to figure out what PrincessA and I need to wear for the pier.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome to the Blog World Mamma!

Hello there! I finally broke down and convinced myself that I need my own blog after following about 10 for the past few months of last year. I'm still not sure what I will use this as: family life, creative life, wishful life, or an eclectic assortment of all three and more.

I do want to use this to help me keep up with my Project 365. What is that? You may ask. Well I am a scrapbooker, papercrafter and this is a project that Becky Higgins of the scrapbook world put together for a Kit of the Month over at Creating Keepsakes. Basically the concept is to take a picture every day of 2009 and put it into one album. I, along with a long-time friend, decided NOT to spend the 40 bucks to get the kit but to make it ourselves from our stashes of paper. For the past 2 days we have been measuring and cutting and cutting and corner rounding, and did I mention cutting paper? I still need to go to Mike's to get the album I am going to put it into and the page protectors. Most likely will do that today since I have a gift card from my In-Laws that is just burning a hole in my scrap table where it has sat since Christmas day.

I have taken my 2 pictures over the past two days, but haven't uploaded them to the computer from my camera. So I'll just say that on January first my PrincessA asked me to make pancakes for breakfast. She helped me put all the ingredients into the bowl and stir it up. I made the pancakes on the griddle and when I put them on the plate she would butter them with the stick I gave her. Then yesterday evening, PrincessA, DaddyA, and myself, MammaA, played a game that PrincessA got from Grandma for Christmas, and I put the camera on a timer at the end of the table to get a shot of it. I'm hoping that we can play games more often this year as a family, but I think that was a goal of last year too, that we didn't do so well on.

Thanks for dropping in. Hope you got something out of it, even if it was just a wonder about who I am. I do hope that this will be a place you and I can figure that question out at.