Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I need some Skills!

When I look at other people's pictures online I am amazed by their photography skills! I want that. I want skills. Funny thing is I took a class in college called Photography 101. It was an intro class. I don't remember anything except the fact that we had to turn in a picture a week which meant that I went through a roll of film a week (this was pre-digital camera in my life) and most of it was stupid stuff trying to accomplish the assignment. I don't remember anything that I was "supposed" to learn in that class. I wish. Oh how I wish that I had learned something then so I can use it to capture my girls now. I don't remember if there was a book for that class, but I am pretty sure that there wasn't. I am really debating talking to my friend here who knows how to take pictures and see if she will give me lessons. Of course I feel like she would be more receptive if I offer to pay her some moolah, but we don't really have money that I can use for my pleasure like that, not when spring is just around the corner and I know PrincessA will need some new clothes for the spring and summer. She's definitely not getting any smaller. I would like to talk more, but LittleA is calling for some dinner.