Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday, Wednesday

I could do a wordless Wednesday post, but I have stuff to say, so...I'll still give a picture at the end. Still waiting for DaddyA to get the insurance situation for LittleA taken care of. We have until Monday to get it to the Tricare office in order for her to be covered as of the first of next month. If it is after Monday, then it won't go into effect until June! So you can see that I have that just right in the front of my brain all the time. When I bring up the subject with DaddyA I think he thinks I am attacking him, when in fact, I am simply wanting to know what is going on with the situation on the ship. Somewhere deep down inside, I think DaddyA blames himself for where we are with the situation. I think he thinks he should have gotten on the ball earlier than he did. I agree, but I also know that he beats himself up about it every time I want to know the status of the situation so I try to let him know that I don't blame him. I don't like this. I don't have any control and it drives me bonkers!!

The girls and I haven't done anything today...I don't even think I have done housework. Wait! That's not true. I cleaned the toilet, bathroom sink and the tub, but that's not much in my opinion. It's all dreary and overcast here, so I have no motivation to do anything. I do want to make some chicken soup for dinner tonight, but at the same time we could have breakfast for dinner and that would be good too. PrincessA says breakfast, so I'll start that in about an hour so we can eat early. Got the girls down at about 830 last night which was nice. Granted LittleA didn't stay down for long, but I did have them both asleep at that time. PrincessA has been waking after being asleep for 30 minutes or so for the past 2 days. I talked to her about it this morning and she doesn't remember what she did when she was awake. (She just rocked with Daddy, but she says she doesn't remember.) Kind of makes me nervous since when she does wake she sounds like she's really scared and she doesn't really focus so I am pretty sure that she's sleepwalking. I mean, her eyes are open, but there's nobody awake. We'll see if she does it again tonight. If so I might mention it to the doctor we are going to see at the end of the month for her Kindergarten physical.

That's all I got. So here is my wordless part of today's post:

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ElleSquared said...

Lucy has done the sleepwalking thing before, but she talks along with it, or screams, whichever the case may be. I'm sure she's still asleep when it happens because she doesn't respond properly to any of the questions I ask her.

I hope you get the Tricare situation taken care of soon, I know how heavily it's been weighing on you.